30 November 2008


Made Ondra driver work. Almost forgot taht I have add it initialy :).

Now tape loading is working, but thing is that there are only 2 files available for Ondra ViLi variant only.


Have decided to support in future also Japanese machines. Some of them are also sold in rest of world, and were popular in Europe and US too.
Here is first Sharp 8bit computer MZ-80K.

Basic works:

Games too:

20 November 2008

New Pecom games

Thanks to Jane many games for Pecom were tested, here are images from some of them:

Blackjack :

version of Space invaders:

Horse race :

And also new feature of Pecom 64 is that you can use cyrilic letters, just do :

to put back to latin letters just do CALL(&CE70).

16 November 2008

Version 1 of Pecom ROM

Thanks to Aleksandar Martic, we now have 1st version of Pecom ROM, including all his bugs :) Hope to find 2 more missing revisions.

12 November 2008

Pecom game is working, loaded from real tape

Thanks to Jane Sekuloski we now have game running in emulator.

Here are some images :

Rules :

Game itself:

Part of basic source:

11 November 2008

Pecom 64

Thanks to Dejan Nikolic who gave his machine on testing to me, and Sveto Nilovic for making introduction to Dejan, we finally have Pecom 64 emulation.

This was a product of Ei Nis. Machine was mostly used in schools. Assume that there is at least some school made software, so it would be nice if someone could send me WAV rips of cassettes.

First boot screen:

Basic :


Ivel Ultra

Apple IIp compatibile computer made by Ivasim in ex Yugoslavia, finaly get it's emulator.
Here are some images:

16 September 2008


A first emulator of SAPI-1 has been made.

Here are some screens :
BASIC (after boot):


Basic running:

16 August 2008

New exclusive

Hello all,

Long time no word from me, but now I am back with new exclusive in MESS.

Development is still underway, but here are some preview images.

First boot image :

After boot is done :

One of the options:

02 July 2008


A new clone of Mikro-80 have been added today.
This one has a different keyboard controler logic and there is sound speaker.
There is also a ROM programmer which is not yet supported.

As previous this is also a MESS exclusive.

30 June 2008

New exclusive for Radio-86RK

Two more new clones have been added to MESS, they both use new keyboard type (MS7007), one is 32k version and other is 16k.

Since Orion is also using both keyboards (RK and MS7007) code is now reused.

Here is preview of new clone.

23 June 2008

ROM Disk support for Radio-86RK

Now two more variants of Radio-86RK are supported.

First one is for ROM disk version that is published in Radio Magazine 1991 No.10.
Here is how it looks when menu is displayed:

BASIC works :

The other machine supported is clone quite different then original.
It have ROM and RAM disk and also there is ORDOS 2.4.

Help screen :

ORDOS 2.4 :

ROM Disk menu :

12 June 2008


New driver is added. There are still some things missing like floppy, sound support, but will be done soon. Tape loading is working.

Here are some examples :

09 June 2008

8080 fix and new drivers

During last week a new drivers have been added :

Apogee BK-01:

Mikrosha :

Yesterday I have done some fixes on 8080 cpu implementation, since flags were not set correctly, and after that more things become to work:

Radio-86K :

(Only available game now works fine)

27 May 2008


To implement this there were lot of things that should be changed and implemented.

First was Intel 8257 DMA controller autoload mode. Since this is part of MAME core first must be checked in their code so this machine will be available after next MAME release.

2nd thing to implement was 8275 CRT controller. For now there is a partial implementation which I am still improving.

Here are some images :

Please note that video mode is 78 x 30 chars, but not all have content that is why you see border on images, so it looks same as on real machine.

24 May 2008

Galaksija plus

Graphics real video emulation is done.
Here are some screens:

23 May 2008


Finaly I got time to sit and make real video emulation for Glaksija. Since it is done on 6MHz you will get only real speed emulation using MESS, however while loading page interrupts are disabled so you can always speed it up.

Also Glaksija plus initial support is added (that I forgot after writing first post :) )

But most important thing is that GTP file format is now supported so real games for Galaksija could be loaded.

Here are some examples :

Only thing it left is hires support for Galaksija plus.

03 May 2008


Next was Pentagon. Here is his boot screen.

There are still lot of things that should be done on this driver. But since it did not have even ROMs defined, think we can consider him new driver in MESS.


Before I have start any work on Spectrum clones I have decided that it is best to split it to multiple files, since it was realy large and hard to maintain. Also there were lot of things that could be rewriten since MAME/MESS core changed a lot since these drivers are updated last time.

After that I made some changes on Scorpion which made it boot properly (giving next screen while booting)

And also made TRDOS boots. Problem was that shadow rom was not supported by driver so this was not possible.

NMI button is added so access to service menu is possible.