14 July 2009

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Here are just few images of progress so far.
Not much, but at least some games show initial warning image.

15 June 2009

Canon Cat

By searching over some google groups, I have found a source and dumps for Canon Cat, a realy nice old machine. And in few days, we have keyboard working, posibility of going into diagnostics mode, video is emulated fine. Here are some screens to show how it all looks :

And image of Swyft, a machine that made Canon Cat possible, kind of prototype :

Some new drivers

I last month I have been adding lot of "skeleton" drivers from ROM dumps that are available, some are of already emulated machines, but there is quite number of totaly forgoten and unemulated.

I have tried to add at some code, to at least show screen after booting.

Here are some example images.

26 May 2009


Thanks to Dex and information from his blog I was able to make some progress in PP-01 driver. But seems like we have a bad dump.

16 May 2009

MC80.2x and MC80.3x

Thanks to Klaus and Marko from Robotrontechnik Forum I am proud to present first MC80.2x emulation screen

And thanks to Klaus again one and only MC80.3x emulator

Ok these are only boot screens but hopefully more soon. Thanks all the others from forum for support.

23 April 2009


Another East German machine included.
Here are some images.

19 April 2009


And here is the image from LLC1 machine, made as learn computer before LLC2.

Just got some documentation from Mr Jens Mueller so hope this will speed development.