29 March 2008

New things done today

First would be implementation of Erik computer, it is Z80 based Specialist clone.
For now I can't find any specific program for it, but at Specialist games are working fine on it.

Next thing is NC ROM disk for Specialist MX, and also one memory bank switch bug has been fixed, which enable normal work of some application such as Basic MX.

And finaly, I have started work on Bashkiria-2M driver.
For now here is boot screen.

27 March 2008

Unknown Specialist model

This is ROM6 from Specialist collection. Thing is that in this case video memory starts at 0x8000 (on standard model it starts at 0x9000). It would be nice if someone could help finding out what model is this.

Here is screenshot :

25 March 2008

Specialist MX

A new computer (in fact a clone of Specialist) is emulated. This one has 16 colors, and custom sound output. Driver also support floppy drives.

Here are some example images :


And some games:

20 March 2008

Specialist and Lik

New computer added. Specialist is 8080 based Russian computer, with a graphics mode 384x256.
Cassette support added also, here are some examples.

Lik computer is a clone of Specialist.
It have BASIC in ROM too.

UT88 mini added

This is UT88 with only 6 7-segment display and hex-a keyboard.


Did not update wiki for a while. Many things have been done since then.
First machine done is Mikro-80.

09 March 2008


New driver is made. This time it is for Russian computer based on 8080 processor.

Keyboard is fully supported, and there is also sound.

04 March 2008

Cassette support update

TAP file support for Orao is done, so now it is possible to play some games avaiable on net.
Here are some images

Cassette support

In past two days (did not spent much time on it), I have made use of cassette for Galaksija and Orao. For now only the reading is working and in WAV format. Soon will finish support for other available formats for those two machines.
For Galeb I will also do it, but main problem is that I do not have any existing "real" Galeb tape yet.

01 March 2008

Drivers are public

Code of new drivers (Galeb and Orao) is on SVN now, for ROM's well follow reference from first post, it is not so hard to find :)

Also there are few fixes for Galaksija video.still no real video emulation just regressions fix.