27 May 2008


To implement this there were lot of things that should be changed and implemented.

First was Intel 8257 DMA controller autoload mode. Since this is part of MAME core first must be checked in their code so this machine will be available after next MAME release.

2nd thing to implement was 8275 CRT controller. For now there is a partial implementation which I am still improving.

Here are some images :

Please note that video mode is 78 x 30 chars, but not all have content that is why you see border on images, so it looks same as on real machine.

24 May 2008

Galaksija plus

Graphics real video emulation is done.
Here are some screens:

23 May 2008


Finaly I got time to sit and make real video emulation for Glaksija. Since it is done on 6MHz you will get only real speed emulation using MESS, however while loading page interrupts are disabled so you can always speed it up.

Also Glaksija plus initial support is added (that I forgot after writing first post :) )

But most important thing is that GTP file format is now supported so real games for Galaksija could be loaded.

Here are some examples :

Only thing it left is hires support for Galaksija plus.

03 May 2008


Next was Pentagon. Here is his boot screen.

There are still lot of things that should be done on this driver. But since it did not have even ROMs defined, think we can consider him new driver in MESS.


Before I have start any work on Spectrum clones I have decided that it is best to split it to multiple files, since it was realy large and hard to maintain. Also there were lot of things that could be rewriten since MAME/MESS core changed a lot since these drivers are updated last time.

After that I made some changes on Scorpion which made it boot properly (giving next screen while booting)

And also made TRDOS boots. Problem was that shadow rom was not supported by driver so this was not possible.

NMI button is added so access to service menu is possible.

Bashkiria-2M colors

Color mode is added to driver, now it is possible to switch between color and bw monitor.