30 June 2008

New exclusive for Radio-86RK

Two more new clones have been added to MESS, they both use new keyboard type (MS7007), one is 32k version and other is 16k.

Since Orion is also using both keyboards (RK and MS7007) code is now reused.

Here is preview of new clone.

23 June 2008

ROM Disk support for Radio-86RK

Now two more variants of Radio-86RK are supported.

First one is for ROM disk version that is published in Radio Magazine 1991 No.10.
Here is how it looks when menu is displayed:

BASIC works :

The other machine supported is clone quite different then original.
It have ROM and RAM disk and also there is ORDOS 2.4.

Help screen :

ORDOS 2.4 :

ROM Disk menu :

12 June 2008


New driver is added. There are still some things missing like floppy, sound support, but will be done soon. Tape loading is working.

Here are some examples :

09 June 2008

8080 fix and new drivers

During last week a new drivers have been added :

Apogee BK-01:

Mikrosha :

Yesterday I have done some fixes on 8080 cpu implementation, since flags were not set correctly, and after that more things become to work:

Radio-86K :

(Only available game now works fine)