30 November 2008


Made Ondra driver work. Almost forgot taht I have add it initialy :).

Now tape loading is working, but thing is that there are only 2 files available for Ondra ViLi variant only.


Have decided to support in future also Japanese machines. Some of them are also sold in rest of world, and were popular in Europe and US too.
Here is first Sharp 8bit computer MZ-80K.

Basic works:

Games too:

20 November 2008

New Pecom games

Thanks to Jane many games for Pecom were tested, here are images from some of them:

Blackjack :

version of Space invaders:

Horse race :

And also new feature of Pecom 64 is that you can use cyrilic letters, just do :

to put back to latin letters just do CALL(&CE70).

16 November 2008

Version 1 of Pecom ROM

Thanks to Aleksandar Martic, we now have 1st version of Pecom ROM, including all his bugs :) Hope to find 2 more missing revisions.

12 November 2008

Pecom game is working, loaded from real tape

Thanks to Jane Sekuloski we now have game running in emulator.

Here are some images :

Rules :

Game itself:

Part of basic source:

11 November 2008

Pecom 64

Thanks to Dejan Nikolic who gave his machine on testing to me, and Sveto Nilovic for making introduction to Dejan, we finally have Pecom 64 emulation.

This was a product of Ei Nis. Machine was mostly used in schools. Assume that there is at least some school made software, so it would be nice if someone could send me WAV rips of cassettes.

First boot screen:

Basic :


Ivel Ultra

Apple IIp compatibile computer made by Ivasim in ex Yugoslavia, finaly get it's emulator.
Here are some images: