04 March 2008

Cassette support update

TAP file support for Orao is done, so now it is possible to play some games avaiable on net.
Here are some images


Unknown said...

Hi Micko,

your posts are excellent news! Can you explain me the difference between tap & bin formats? Josip's page is in serbo-croatian, not precisely my language! ;)

BTW Galeb and Orao are very similar to UK101 and Ohio Superboard II: have you considered merging the drivers to avoid code duplication and share common features? For example, the tape format of UK101 is known


Probably Galeb uses the same format...

Miodrag Milanović said...

First thanks for your support and info you have given about UK101, will try yo find more info about it, and if possible put it in same driver.

First thing you have to know about TAP is that it can contain more that one BIN inside it, first bin is loader (which is placed on 0x0000) and after that comes other blocks. In some cases you have something like loading to video memory (with program info/image) and as last block came programm itself.

Hope this helps.