21 April 2008

Bug fixing weekend

Lot of time since last update, but here is the list of things that have been done:
1. Since there was no way to implement keyboard had to ask Aaron to implement vector sending on IRQ, which he did in very short period.

2. BK0010 and FDD version just keep initializing, which was very odd, after close looking into code I have found that there was few errors in T11 implementation. HALT and illegal operation were not implemented right, and MARK instruction was missing, after I have done that changes all started to work fine. I have already sent patch to Aaron and he confirmed change will be in next MAME release.

3. As these things enabled me to work, I have made tape loading in driver, so I have finally able to load some games, for now only in WAV format

4. Thing that was very annoying last few weeks is that WD17xx did not work as expected, so for example in Orion driver if auto boot ROM was selected, floppy did not boot, also when loading some games it just stuck. I was checking what is going on and found that BUSY was not set right away when read/write sector commands were called, that made code, which directly after sending command is waiting for ready status, not able to perform well. Hope this will solve issues other have with floppy.

5. Finally I added tape support to Orion so now it is possible to load RKO files and WAVs as well.

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