03 May 2008


Before I have start any work on Spectrum clones I have decided that it is best to split it to multiple files, since it was realy large and hard to maintain. Also there were lot of things that could be rewriten since MAME/MESS core changed a lot since these drivers are updated last time.

After that I made some changes on Scorpion which made it boot properly (giving next screen while booting)

And also made TRDOS boots. Problem was that shadow rom was not supported by driver so this was not possible.

NMI button is added so access to service menu is possible.


Unknown said...

Hi Micko, it's great to see Spectrum and derivatives drivers revamped.

While you are cleaning them, my advice is to get rid of video/border.c: these routines were introduced in MESS many years ago, hoping that they would become the standard way to display borders.

Well, it never happened: the only driver that used them is spectrum.c, and since now the core use a different mechanism to define and display the borders I guess that it's better to retire border.c and use the standard method (MDRV_SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS, etc.)

BTW does any of the russian machines you have added to MESS have screen borders?

Miodrag Milanović said...

Thanks for comment, will see to clean it up as much as possible. There are many things that are obsolete there, for example IO map, so they all need to be updated to coding standards and new features that were made during the time.
All changes will be announced here as before.