16 September 2008


A first emulator of SAPI-1 has been made.

Here are some screens :
BASIC (after boot):


Basic running:

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Unknown said...

Nice work Micko!
I own a real one (SAPI). Currently I use it with with MIKOS (MIcroKasseteOperatingSystem) which is placed in first 4kB and uses 0x4000 to 0xFFFF RAM space. For this MIKOS I succesfully "revitalized" a BASIC EX V4.0 and TOOL 80 from cassette tape. Im going to transfer it to Intel HEX format.
Also Im trying to bring to work a CP/M system (succesfully readout the old Boot ROM from JPR-1a and JPR-1Z). No succes yet - it is difficult to run it on JPR-1 without possibility to swap EPROM and RAM spaces.
Good Luck!