26 February 2008

Galaksija plus

So as it "should" be done first I have decided to support some domestic computer.
As there is already support for Galaksija inside MESS I tought that best idea would be to write extension for improved model of it.

I have found lot of info regarding this computer in computer magazines in which even schematic is available. To see yourself click here

But main problem is that I could not find ROM C anywhere on web. Then I have tried to contact one person that I saw build one Galaksija himself, and yes he responded :)

Thanks again to Josip Perušanec for his great help.

First I have made memory maps as described by magazine and made a connection to AY-3-8910. And guess what it sings now. Also I was annoyed by white tick line at the end of screen and then I saw that it seas 218 lines for graphics, but in documentation and by manual calculation it can be seen that it is only 208 lines, so that is also fixed now.

Since graphics is implemented with "hack" I have decided to leave it like that for now and keep this driver with GAME_NOT_WORKING status since high graphics mode is still not implemented.

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Rose Blackpink said...

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