26 February 2008

Romanian computers

Yesterday I have received quite large number of ROM's (from Romanian computers from 80's and 90's) from Valentin H. All of them are some kind of Spectrum clones, so all that should be done is to connect ROM's to right places :)

So I have done that today, now CIP03, HC85, HC90, HC91 and Jet-EM are supported.

For other ROM's I need to spend more time since they are not just ROM replacements.

When these 5 were supported I have thought, why shouldn’t I try to find more of clone ROM's myself, so I have start browsing, and found few more.

So now Didaktik Gama and Didaktik M from ex Czechoslovakia, machines now boots ok, but still need to find right info about memory, since one source seas that there is 80KB of RAM.

Will work on this.

Here are boot screens of working Romanian spectrum clones:

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