26 February 2008

Orao and Galeb

As you may see in last post link (on Josip site), well he also made a emulator for Galeb and Orao himself (Orao have source code too), and since ROMs where there I have decided to write that also.

His source was a good guide, but I have made quite different implementation, still MESS is all about accuracy, that's why I have for example decided to support keyboard as it was on original (for example Galeb have only two cursor keys, only left and down , to get up and right you need to press shift) and it since it was QWERTZ that is how it is now used by emulator too.

Also by debugging I have found that sound is made by DAC so now it sounds more like real machine.

Since almost all info could be found on one place it was one day job to make these two.

Need to work on tape support and then it is complete.

P.S. As you may note all posts have same date, well thing is I have made my blog after I have implemented these two.

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